ALLISON GIBBS / Papyrus on the Cosmological Worktop (Joanna Russ)

Upon a table 1000 paper equilateral triangles are stacked in a column fifteen centimetres high. Each triangle is cropped from a piece of A3 sized paper. There is a risographic image of a ziggurat at the centre of the triangle, which is orientated with the point towards me. The image is black and white on the left and black, white and fluorescent orange on the right. This vertical division is off centre, with the coloured side of the image appearing textured in a way that does not correspond to the image of the ziggurat. The triangle sheets are accompanied by a single A4 piece of paper containing a paragraph of printed text describing space-time travel using the metaphor of folding paper. On the reverse side of the triangle there is another black, white and orange divided image of a crouching female torso over which three transparent coloured shapes appear superimposed.

Victor & Hester with Aye Aye Mobo at SUNDAY Art Fair, October 2012.

Aye-Aye MoBo is a mobile bookshop, intended as a place of exchange and hospitality, combining the rigours of critical debate with the pleasures of a camping trip.

SUNDAY School, the public programme at SUNDAY Art Fair is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.