Victor & Hester, Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison
Dog Park Art Space, Christchurch NZ

Residency 24 February – 23 March 2014

Event Saturday 8 March 4 – 8pm
Serving home made tacos and cactus cocktails to help fundraise for Dog Park and the residency.

This collaborative residency project for Victor & Hester, Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts will be working with Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison looking to use the residency as a punctuation in an ongoing conversation around an engagement with language and voice and their physical representations. Through building, dismantling and recomposing forms including a narrative and the physical space of a theatre, the four artists work to create a liminal space into which a collection of roaming thoughts that interleaf their spoken dialogue are placed.

The project circles around a live event midway through the residency on 8 March.