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24 February – 23 March 2014, Residency Journal 42
Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts with Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison, Dog Park Art Space, Christchurch NZ

Jan 31 - Feb 3 2014, Journal 41
Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts, #Closed Book Fair, Los Angeles, 2014

27 January 2014, Luminous books

Print Shop: Victor & Hester at X Marks the Bökship, TURNINGS | FSSMTWTF, Launch Friday 29 November 5 - 8pm, Journal 40

Nov 3 2013, PABDMOUTH, Publish and Be Damned at Plymouth Arts Centre, with Aye Aye Books

Oct 2013, Journal 39
Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts, A journal in construction, Deptford, London

Aug/Sep 2013, Journal 38
In Around, Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts with Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison, at the Bothy Project’s Walled Garden

Jul 2013, Journal 37, Gwenan International, Brick wall and text in residential flat, Glasgow

Jun 2013, Journal 36
The Poetry Club, Glasgow, in association with GoMA

Feb 2013, Journal 35
LOVE an installation of video/text, Mairi Lafferty, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee

Nov/Dec 2012, Journal 34
Mairi Lafferty, an online Journal in four parts

Oct 2012, Journal 33
Amelia Bywater & Emma Fitts, Sunday Art Fair, London

Oct 2012, Journal 32
Papyrus on the Cosmological Worktop (Joanna Russ), Allison Gibbs, Sunday Art Fair, London

Oct 2012, Journal 31
The air was filled with scent, imbued with life and contradictions, Perri MacKenzie, Sunday Art Fair, London

Aug 2012, Journal 30
Direct Criteria (Scott Barry, Fiona Connor, and Neil Doshi), Somewhere in LA, USA

Jul 2012,Journal 29
A Shadow on the Sun, Katharina Kiebacher/Fiona Short, The Project Room, Glasgow

Apr/May 2012, Journal 28
TOUCH, Emma Fitts and Hirofumi Suda + Direct Criteria, with Le Kevin Costner (Scott Rogers and Justin Stephens), Basement Flat, 42 Carlton Drive, Glasgow

Apr/May 2012, Journal 27
Francesco Pedraglio + Direct Criteria, Prawns Pee, the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Apr/May 2012, Journal 26
snog marry void, Ash Reid + Direct Criteria, Aye Aye Books, CCA, Glasgow

Mar 2012, Journal 25
Claire Shallcross, The Garnet Hill Cultural Community Centre, Glasgow

Jan 2012, Journal 24
Graham Kelly, Michael Kent and Thom Walker, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Dec 2011, Journal 23
2HB: What we make with words, during the CCA Bookfair, Rebecca Wilcox and Laura Smith, with a performance involving Sarah Forrest and Rob Kennedy, CCA, Glasgow

Nov 2011, Journal 22
Argue quietly until you reach a single tone, Ben Knight, Hannah Ellul, Ash Reid and Liene Rozite. with performances by She on Say and Acrid Lactations, 49 West Princes Street, Glasgow

Oct 2011, Journal 21
Talking Through Broken Teeth, Giuseppe Mistretta, with a performance pushing it all out until the only thing left is the sound of your own body, part of the exhibition Golden Rod: Adorned Log, G39, Cardiff, Wales

Sep 2011, Journal 20
Amy Howden-Chapman and Ben Knight, Mono, Glasgow

Aug 2011, Journal 19
Test Page, Mark Briggs, Aye Aye Books, CCA Glasgow

Jul 2011, Journal 18
Corin Sworn, Sarah Forrest, Martin Vincent, The Tiki Bar, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow

Jun 2011, Journal 17 , Hamish Hartnell, The State Bar Basement, Glasgow

May 2011, Journal 16
Amelia Bywater and Emma Fitts, GFT Balcony Bar, Glasgow

May 2011, Collective Gallery Sunday Market, Edinburgh

Apr 2011, Journal 15
The songs that artists write, Kitty Finer with invited artists, with readings performed by eight artists and writers, Aye Aye Books, CCA, Glasgow

Mar 2011, Journal 14
Hither Thither, Sam Rountree Williams and John Calcutt, with an exhibition by Sam Rountree Williams, George Fraser Gallery, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Feb 2011, Journal 13
Charlotte Prodger with Matt Walkerdine and Jess Higgins from Salford Zine Library, with a Fantastic Adventures DJ set, The 78, Glasgow

Jan 2011, Journal 12 George Ziffo, with live performance by Helhesten, The State Pub Basement, Glasgow

Jan 2011, Creative Publishing event, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh - presentation and panel discussion on ‘curative publishing’

Dec 2010, Journal 11, Postal Issue, open submission and posted to the Victor & Hester mailing list.

Nov 2010, Journal 10, Lufur Crawn = x, Fitts & Holderness with Fiona Short, with live acoustic set by Famous Dave & his strange blue dream, The State Pub Basement, Glasgow

Oct 2010, Journal 9, Thom Walker and Sam Kennedy with The Institute of/for Pataphysical Cartography a reading by Jim Colquhoun and Pourquoi une Chien?: A Kataleptic Phantasmatic Romance a video piece by Emmett Walsh, Gambetta Basement, Glasgow

Sep 2010, Journal 8, Archival Issue, part of the CCA Creative Lab Residency + CCA Book fair, with collaborative interventions by Alex Impey and Giuseppe Mistretta, CCA Creative Lab, CCA, Glasgow

Sep 2010, Book fair event, with a presentation, performance and panel discussion on self-publishing, CCA, Glasgow

Aug 2010, Journal 7, The Centre for Physical Geography, with a performance by Giuseppe Mistretta, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

Jul 2010, Journal 6, Hands Across the Sea, various artists with an exhibition curated by Kate Montgomery, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

Jun 2010, Milli Jannides and Sam Rountree Williams, an exhibition of recent paintings, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

Jun 2010, Chasing Losses, a performance by LA-based artist Amy Howden-Chapman, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

May 2010, Journal 5, Cleave til Cloven, and an exhibition by Alex Impey & Camillo Paravicini, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

Apr 2010, Journal 4, Ex Libris, and an exhibition by Amelia Bywater & Michelle Hannah, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

Mar 2010, Journal 3, Casual Conversations, and exhibition by Kirstin Carlin, Simone Gibson, John Nicol, and Anya Henis, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

Feb 2010, Journal 2, The Accumulation of Order, and an exhibition by Hannah Ellul, Emma Fitts, Fiona Short, Hirofumi Suda, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow

Jan 2010, Journal 1, I No Longer Have Anything to Fear, and an exhibition by Amelia Bywater, Kirstin Carlin, Jim Colquhoun, Emma Fitts, Claire Greenshaw, Christian Newby, Camillo Paravicini, Woodlands Drive, Glasgow